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10/30/2013 Local Feature of October: Noelle Picara (6:30 )
Air Date: October 23, 2013

Noelle Picara calls into Graffiti Radio's Local Focus to talk about her new project, My Own Frankenstein, and people's perception of her gothic image.

Find out more about Noelle Picara at her website Noellepicara.com.

9/20/2013 Local Feature of September: Hot Breakfast (23:36)
Matt and Jill of Hot Breakfast join Amber Macey on the Local Focus to discuss their new album 39 Summers ,their performances, and their chemistry.

Find out more about Hot Breakfast at their website Hot-Breakfast.com .

8/19/2013 Speedy Ortiz Interview : 8/13/2013 (22:39)
Sadie, Lead singer up and coming band, Speedy Ortiz, took a moment before their show on August 13th to chat with Sabrina over the phone.

This is the full interview as aired on Graffiti Radio (8/13/13 @ 6:00 pm).

Hear Sadie discusses Speedy Ortiz and their future, plus hear songs from their new album, Major Arcana. Catch up with Speedy Ortiz on their bandcamp.

Major Arcana is out now via Carpark Records. You can buy it here.

7/30/2013 Local Feature of August: 20 Minute Tango (19:27)
(air date: July 29, 2013) 20 Minute Tango visit Graffiti Radio before their Drive album release performance on August 1st at Social Lounge in West Chester, PA.

The band gives us a cover of the 7th Heaven theme at 16:26

Visit the 20 Minute Tango Website.

7/18/2013 Songwriting Contest Winner: New Shields Interview (11:40)
(Air Date: July 17, 2013) Songwriting contest winners, New Shields, stop by the Graffiti Radio studio with J.J. Booker to catch us up on their new project and live shows.

Check out their in-studio performance here

And visit their website Newshields.tumblr.com

(Air Date: July 15, 2013) The Funky T stopped by the Graffiti Radio studio to talk to Amber Macey about their upcoming projects and performances.

Also, listen to their performances here.

Check out their website Thefunkyt.com

7/2/2013 Songwriting Contest Winner: Jiggley Jones Interview (10:35)
Air Date: 7/1/13 Jiggley Jones stops by the Local Focus with Amber Macey to talk about life after the 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest and more.

Listen to his acoustic performance here

Purchase his Ep No Spring Chicken at Jiggleyjones.com

6/21/2013 Songwriting Contest Winner: Angelee Interview (18:27)
Angelee won one of the five top spots for the 2nd Annual Songwriting Contest, and now he wants you to learn more about his journey.
6/21/2013 Blondfire Phone Interview w/ Amber Macey (11:46)
One day from performing at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Erica Driscoll of Blondfire called in to chat with Amber Macey
6/21/2013 Dizzy Bats & Grumpus Stop By the Cutting Edge Music Mix (5:43)
Dizzy Bats and Grumpus stop by to promote their performance at Mojo Main on 6/21 at 8 pm
6/5/2013 RKVC Song Writing Contest Studio Session (33:12 )
Song writing contest winners Rod and Vince from RKVC join us live in studio for an accoustic performance.
5/24/2013 Travel Songs' Live Studio Session & Interview (30:58)
Travel Songs joined Jeff Gorcyca on the Local Focus at 8 for a 30 minute live set, as well as a discussion about the individual songs and what they will be up to in the future. Check it out!
4/5/2013 RKVC Take Over the Local Focus w/ Amber Macey (25:26)
RKVC hung out with Amber Macey during the Local Focus (April 4, 2013) to promote their new EP, We Got Tonight. They even performed two acoustic songs live!

RKVC-Waiting (4:45)
RKVC-Life Line (16:03)

3/19/2013 Amber Macey's Interview & Live Acoustic Set w/ Connor Frost of Dizzy Bats (21:09)
Listen to Connor Frost, lead singer of New York band Dizzy Bats, perform an acoustic set live of songs from their debut album, Sundial. Plus, find out more details about their upcoming projects and tour dates.
2/26/2013 Jeff Gorcyca's Interview/Live Performance With New Shields on 2/26 (34:34)
New Shields, an indie-power pop band from Kennett Square, PA, stopped by Graffiti Radio during our Local Focus for an interview and 30 minute set. Check it out!

Download their free EP, Hint, Hint, here!

2/15/2013 Amber Macey's Interview with Dominic of DRGN KING (8:04)
Dominic of DRGN KING called in to Amber Macey's Graffiti Radio After Hours Show on 2/14/13. Check out the conversation now.
2/13/2013 Jeff Gorcyca's Interview With The Capsules on 2/13 (22:33)
Julie and Jason Shields from The Capsules chatted with Jeff Gorcyca about their new album Northern Lights and Southern Skies on 2/13. Check it out!
2/11/2013 Free Energy Interview (5:33)
Amber Macey caught up with Free Energy after their performance at Arden Gild Hall on February 9th, 2013.
2/4/2013 Ally of School Of Seven Bells Interview (4:14)
School of Seven Bells concert at Arden Gild Hall in Arden, DE. February 2, 2013. Amber Macey caught up with Ally of School of Seven Bells.
10/26/2012 Dawns Interview and Live Performance 10/15/12 (27:38)
David Boone of Dawns joined Mike Nigro on Graffiti Radio After Hours to discuss his new EP, his current US tour, and play some live takes of the songs "Headlights" and "The Firefighter."
10/14/2012 Dawns on Top 5 at 9: American Songwriters (29:37)
David Boone of Dawns joins Mike Nigro for a special edition of the Top 5 at 9 about American songwriters. Features favorites from Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and even Rage Against the Machine!
8/28/2012 Hannah Miller (19:59)
Mike Nigro talks to Nashville-based singer-songwriter Hannah Miller about growing up in the South, developing her songwriting style, and her new EP Doubters and Dreamers. Featuring two songs from Doubters and Dreamers: "Say You Feel the Same" and "Little Bit."
6/20/2012 Mike Nigro's Interview With Gable Music Ventures (34:59)
Mike Nigro talks with Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music Ventures about their love of live, original music, their fist year in the music business, and their upcoming One Year Celebration. Featuring music from AlyCat, Old Man Brown, and the Joe Trainor Trio.
5/18/2012 Mike Nigro's Interview with Justin Tracy (29:24)
Globetrotting singer-songwriter Justin Tracy talks with Mike Nigro about growing up in London, studying classical Indian music, and his latest album, Bangla Motor.
5/16/2012 Mike Nigro's Interview with Jason Ager (26:50)
Mike Nigro talks to local singer-songwriter Jason Ager about his latest album Born to Surf, playing the tuba, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jason also performs live takes of "The Fishin' Jawn," "Chain Bridge Road," and "Porch Light" in the Graffiti Radio Studio.
3/13/2012 Mike Nigro's Interview With Guillermina Gonzalez, Exectutive Director of the Delaware Arts Alliance (15:59)
Mike Nigro sits down with Guillermina Gonzalez, Executive Director of the DAA.
2/29/2012 Mike Nigro's Interview With Blake Christiana of Yarn (14:49)
Mike Nigro gets the scoop on the band Yarn from none other than front man and lead singer Blake Christiana.